Property Tax

Cushman & Wakefield’s property tax group offers a full range of real estate and personal property tax related services. Property tax is a core competency of C&W’s Valuation & Advisory group incorporating the skills and knowledge of appraisers, brokers, lawyers and other specialty consultants.

Property tax is typically the largest cost in property ownership after debt-service. Our team is among the leading property tax consultants who have advised our clients on major assessments including general property assets, hotels, theme parks, ports, logistics facilities, data centres, telecommunication systems, electricity generation and distribution networks, racecourses and other special assets. We assist clients in managing their property taxes, identifying opportunities for appeal, and representing the client through the process toward achieving reduction.

Property tax assessment protocols and procedures vary significantly by country. Property owners and managers benefit by:

  • understanding the tax assessment cycle of the property’s local jurisdiction, recognising all deadlines and requirements for property reporting.
  • understanding how both state law and local valuation methods influence the assessed value.
  • analysing the property’s assessment level based on market research, proper valuation evidence in the context of the law.
  • recognising if a property is favourably assessed, for which an objection would be an unprofitable investment of resources, or could create jeopardy of increased assessment.
  • identifying and pursing all opportunities for tax reduction.

How We Can Help

Tax management and administration

Our experts provide comprehensive property tax services; tracking and auditing tax assessments, and analysing entire portfolios. 


We handle all aspects of the objection process and will prepare, file and negotiate assessment appeals on our client’s behalf.

Litigation support

In instances in which formal appeal lawsuit is necessary to achieve the desired results, we work with lawyers in identifying key issues and developing case strategies. We work closely with the representation to provide context and understanding to the real estate financial, and valuation components and work with Counsel in the decision making process. We are the only consultancy to have been appointed to appear for ratepayers in all major cases appearing at the Lands Tribunal in Hong Kong.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Given the magnitude and complexity of property taxes, our professionals provide expertise and guidance in these matters. Our results have proven that valuation expertise represents the single most significant element required in the pursuit of a successful tax appeal.

Experience and Resources

Our professionals have extensive experience, with specialists in virtually all types of commercial, industrial, residential and special purpose real estate. We have the capabilities and geographic coverage to perform property tax related services in a timely and efficient manner.