Valuation for Offices

We deliver Market Value and Fair Value opinions of office properties suitable for regulatory and transactional applications. Sub-types include city centre, provincial, business parks, corporate, institutional and governmental office properties.

You will receive a robust opinion, supported by in-house occupational and investment market participation, delivered under a trusted global brand, within an agreed timetable and at a competitive price.

Our advice supports the occupational, investment and management decisions of investors, occupiers, lenders and developers, in the context of dynamic markets.

Acquisition or disposal

We provide valuation advice on potential purchase or sale decisions of office properties, together with recommended strategies to adopt.

Lease renewal

Good asset management is an important facet of maximising office space potential, and providing expert advice on proposed lease terms, extensions and renewals can help deliver stronger results.

Internal strategy

Regular advice and revaluations are important for internal management and can help clients foresee opportunities or threats which could impact performance of office properties.


With frequent movement across Capital Markets, up to date valuations can help assist re-mortgaging requirements which can be key to maximising business performance.

Loan security

We support lenders in their decision processes by providing quality due diligence and testing property performance under various scenarios.

Scenario analysis of highest and best use

Advising on the benefits from different office scenarios can provide clients with precise up to date information to help in their decision making process.

How We Can Help

Real-time market information

Having market and sector specific data at our finger tips can help us to provide the accurate valuation advice you require.

Property appraisal

By identifying the specific drivers to value, we can help you understand the factors which can affect property value.

Market and feasibility studies

As an integral grounding to property valuation, our specialists are here to help talk through specific market characteristics and to develop feasibility studies to assess the impacts of explicit changes.

Financial reporting

As a fundamental procedure, we can assist in providing regular valuations for financial reporting purposes, and at all times help you to understand effects of market movements.

Portfolio valuation

Whether assessing properties on an individual or portfolio basis, we can help provide an accurate estimation of investment value in the current market.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Local market insight

With offices located across most major cities in Asia, our valuation professionals are well positioned to provide the necessary support and advice required to meet the simplest or most challenging of requirements.

Diverse disciplines within the C&W core business

Having the ability to draw upon expertise from across the C&W core service lines provides major benefits in providing valuations to our clients. In-house investment agency and commercial leasing teams are able to provide solid data and information which can be crucial to market valuations.

Local knowledge on a global scale

As one of the largest commercial property service providers in the world, we recognise the importance of providing precise expertise at a local level. Our office valuation teams positioned across 8 offices in the Asia region make it their duty to be at the forefront of their respective property markets.

Specialist advice across a variety of office property types

Our office valuation professionals are equipped with the skills and expertise to understand and deliver results on a multitude of office properties.

Experience and Resources

With 580 valuation professionals in 86 offices, Valuation & Advisory is one of the largest fully integrated property valuation advisers in the world. In APAC we are 55 professionals in 8 offices.